Songea Moravian Vocational Training Centre

The Songea Moravian Vocational Training Centre was founded in 2014 by the Moravian Church in Tanzania - South Province, with help from Doctor Fritz Wolfgang and HMH (Herrenhuter Missionshilfe). Its registration certificate number is VET/RVM/PR/2014/C/057. The Songea VTC offers the following courses:

Long courses (2 years):
  • Electrical Installation
  • Motor Vehicle Mechanics
  • Carpentry and Journey
  • Designing Sewing and Cloth Technology
  • Solar Electrical Installation  
Short courses:
  • Driving
  • Computer Application  (between 2 weeks and 6 months)
  • Electric Installation (between 3 months and 1 year)
Our collage has an auto mechanic workshop that is used to provide auto mechanic  training 

At the moment, 56 students are enrolled in long courses at our centre. If you are interested in joining Songea Moravian VTC, you can download our joining form here:If you are interested in joining one of our short courses you can check the prices and the duration of the different options in the following documents: Facilities

We offer a variety of facilities to our students to help them achieve their goals. There is a Computer Lab with internet, workshops for the Domestic Electric Installation and Tailoring courses and a Carpentry and Joinery production workshop.

To be efficient and disciplined, focused in developing the Tanzanian youth.


To educate and train students, in order for them to be ready to compete in the labour market and self-employment.

Currently, seven teachers are providing training at our school and three non-teaching staff members are helping us.

Atupele Mulungu -
+255746032066/ +255622238966
Training Coordinator
Beatrice Joseph - 
Secretary/ CashierElizabeth Malindisa - +255710801565

Atupele Mulungu - Principal
Beatrice Joseph - Training Cordinator
Elizabeth Malindisa - Secretary/Cashier

Songea Moravian Vocational Training Centre

P.O. Box 222

Phone:  +255746032066/ +255622238966

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