Rungwe Moravian Vocational Training Centre

The Rungwe VTC was founded back in 1903 by missionaries, which makes it the oldest Vocational Training Centre in Tanzania. At the beginning, only simple mathematics and practical skills on how to construct houses were taught. However, over the years, more core subjects and additional supporting subjects were added. The school was officially registered by the Tanzanian government in 1976, under the registration number 00057. Rungwe VTC therefore also holds National Based Examinations (NABE) and Competence Based Assessments (CBA). Considering the fact, that the Rungwe VTC has been around for well over 100 years, it is save to say that the centre has had a huge impact on the development of the region and Tanzania as a whole, and we will continue to do so. The centre especially encourages and supports orphans to get a vocational training education, and all the graduates of the centre are given essential tools, which allow them to start their own business.

Rungwe VTC offers the following courses:
  • Motor Vehicle Mechanics
  • Domestic Electrical Installation
  • Tailoring and Cloth Designing
  • Carpentry and Joinery
  • Solar Electrical Installation
These courses take two years to accomplish. Supporting subjects are, among others:
  • Engineering Science
  • Mathematics
  • Computer Studies
  • Technical Drawing
  • English
  • Communication Skills
  • Life Skills
  • Entrepreneurship

We are constantly trying to upgrade our infrastructure in order to provide a conducing learning environment. However, there is already a number of facilities that we provide. There is a workshop for our carpentry students, a classroom with sewing machines, a computer lab, a workshop for the motor vehicle mechanics and two dormitories.  The girls dormitory and the boys dormitory provide accommodation for 60 and 40 students respectively. 

The Rungwe VTC employs 14 teachers that provide training in the different subjects, as well as some non-teaching staff. The administration consists of the following people:
Gwantwa J. Mwandoloma - Principal

Gwantwa J. Mwandoloma
+255621448990 / +255766609807
Training Coordinator

Secretary/ CashierUpendo J.
(+255) 682 409 114/ +255626 505 394


Rungwe Vocational Training Centre

P.O. Box 32

Phone:  +255621448990 / +255766609807

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