Kyela Moravian Vocational Training Centre

The Kyela Moravian Vocational Training Centre was founded in February 2002 by its first principal Michael Kajuni and the Moravian Church in Tanzania - South Province. Its certificate registration number is VET/MBY/PR/2012/C/043. The Centre started off with a few students and only two courses, Carpentry and Joinery and Tailoring. Today, around 110 students study at Kyela VTC and we offer a variety of long courses and short courses:

Long courses (2 years):
  • Carpentry and Joinery
  • Tailoring
  • Domestic Electric Installation
  • Motor Vehicle Mechanics
Short courses:
  • Computer Application (around 2 months)
  • Driving School (5 weeks)
In addition to the mandatory subjects, we teach entrepreneurship and life skills in all of our long courses. Furthermore, our students receive their own toolkits when they graduate, like a sewing machine for Tailoring students. This allows them to open their own small business and become economically independent. 

We offer a variety of facilities that aim to promote a conducive learning environment for our students. Among those are a computer lab with around 22 computers, two fully equipped tailoring classrooms, two workshops for the Carpentry and Joinery students and a Motor Vehicle Mechanic's workshop. We also have a dormitory for girls, which allows them to stay directly on the school compound. It offers space for 36 students.
We currently employ seven full time instructors and two temporary teachers. In addition to that we have other supporting staff.

PrincipalTreasurerAcademic Officer
Michael Kajuni-  +255 764 103046 Happy Kalinga -  +255764 476666 Christopher Selemani-  +255764 476666


Kyela Moravian Vocational Training Centre

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