Lutengano Theological College

The institution was founded back in 1984 as Lutengano Bible school. It provided bible courses which took six months. In 2008, it became Lutengano Theological College. The college is situated in Lutengano, close to Lutengano Secondary School and on the compound of the Moravian Centre. The Moravian Centre provides accommodation as well as halls for conferences, meetings and seminars.
Around 50-70 students attend our courses per year, and our eight permanent and three temporary teachers provide quality training.

Lutengano Theological College offers the following courses:
  • Evangelism Certificate (2 years) 
  • Certificate in Theology (2 years)
  • Diploma in Theology (3 years)
If you are interested in studying at Lutengano Theological College, you can download the application form here:

The college provides a number of facilities to improve the learning environment for its students. There are dormitories for male and female students with seven rooms for male students and two rooms for female students. Furthermore there is a library, computer rooms a small chapel and a dining room.

Nursery school

The Lutengano Theological College runs its own nursery school. It was started in 2016, mainly because there was none in the region and the students of Lutengano Theological College had to send their children to a nursery school. Currently, around 40 children attend the school.
School Motto

"Lutheco for your achievement."


Lutengano Theological College
P.O. Box 36

Phone:  +255 754 663594 - Principal
      +255 753 413121 - Vice Principal
      +255 762 604028 - Secretary

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