Who we are

The Moravian Church in Tanzania – Southern Province is an Ecumenical Christian Protestant church, founded around 19th century by missionaries from Herrnhut, Germany who arrived in Tanzania and started to work in the Rungwe-Mbeya Region in 1891. This was a result of a mission expansion of Protestants who started the church in Kunward, Bohemia in the current Czech Republic in 1457. The church spread to Moravia, from where it got its name, and over the years, to many parts of the world. MCT – SP is a member of the Council for Churches in Tanzania (CCT) and fully recognized by the Moravian (Unitas Fratrum) Unity Board world-wide. The church has structures that go down to the grassroots thence enabling it to be the most reliable institution to transform a society holistically. The MCT-SP covers the area of southern Tanzania with geographical districts of Kyela, Rungwe and Ileje with an estimated number of more than 150'000 Christians and has expanded its outreach ministry to the mission area Ruvuma and Njombe. It is headed by the Executive board that comprises the Bishop, Chairman, Vice-chairman, General Secretary and General Treasurer and has several departmental offices that deal with day to day affairs, ranging from spiritual to social-economic development.


Compelled by the love of Christ, Moravian Church in Tanzania Southern Province works to empower Tanzanian communities with the good news about the living Jesus Christ and looks beyond social –economic needs of Man – kind to reduce poverty and human suffering. 

Our Core Values 

The MCT-SP in all its actions, is guided by its core values as follows:

  • Justice - MCT-SP respects the dignity of every person and supports vulnerable communities in their efforts to achieve justice, human rights and a sustainable future. MCT-SP facilitates the empowerment of those it works with to achieve these ends.
  • Participation - The approach of MCT-SP reflects the respect for all people’s gifts for the sake of full participation and inclusion of all people in society.
  • Mutual Accountability and Transparency - MCT-SP works to balance accountability towards the affected population and the expectations of the partners and donors it is committed to transparency of its motives and aims, as well as the financial transactions and management

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