Bishop Office

A Bishop of the Moravian Church is consecrated to a special priestly pastoral ministry in the name of and for the whole Unity. The office of Bishop represents the vital unity of the Church and the continuity of the Church's ministry, although the Unity does not place emphasis on any mechanical transmission of the apostolic succession. The office and function of a Bishop is valid throughout the Unity as a whole.

Duties of a Bishop of the Moravian Church are, among others, the following:
1. A Bishop has a special duty of intercession for the Unity, and also for the Church of Christ as a whole.
2. Only Bishops have the right to ordain or to consecrate to the various orders of the ministry, but only when commissioned to do so by a Provincial Board or Synod.

The current Bishop is Rev. Kenan Salim Panja (2015-)

The third Bishop was Rev. Lusekelo Bimege Mwakafwila (1997-2014)

The second Bishop was Rev. Stephen Mwakasyuka (1982-1996)

The first Bishop was Rev. Anosisyse Jongo Mwansombelo (1979-1981)
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