Women and Children Department

The Women and Children Department was founded in 1952, with its first leader Annette Mbapa Kabisa. The main goal of department was to strengthen the role that women play in the church, because the number of women attending the church was high, but they were not well integrated when it comes to leadership positions and decision making. This has improved a lot, since there are more than 53 female pastors and two evangelists active in the Southern Province today, but there is still improvement needed.

In addition to this, the Women Department also supports women in their everyday life. We hold seminars about various topics, like capacity development, income generating projects, entrepreneurship, leadership, health, bible courses and raising children. The aim of this is to support the women in order become more independent. The Department also runs its own income generating projects, like forest planting, constructing shopping frames and others.

We also organise prayer meetings on a regular basis, where women come together and pray for their everyday problems and the whole society. In this meetings, we also collect money, which is used to pay school fees for vulnerable girls and provide them with basic school materials. We also visit various meetings from other organisations, like the Christian Council of Tanzania (CCT) or the national body of the Moravian Church in Tanzania (MCT).

At the congregation level, the Women and Children Department supports vulnerable groups, like widows, sick people and prisoners, by cooking food for them and giving them spiritual support. This is a way of showing charity and preaching the word of god through actions.

Pamoja Tunaweza - "Together we can"

Pamoja Tunaweza is one of the most successful projects of the Women and Children Department. It is a group of around 10 women who craft handmade bags, blankets, cases, toys and a lot of other items. These are then sold, for example at Maua Café in Mbeya, at the Mbutusyo Guest House and at the office of the Women Department.
The women all have their own sewing machine and can therefore work from home. This is an important additional source of income, which helps them to become more independent and provide for the needs of their families. 

Some of our products:

Head of Department: Tupokigwe Mwamasangula

Assistant: Lucy Panja 


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