Orphans, Vulnerable Children, Widows and Widowers Department

The Department for Orphans, Vulnerable Children, Widows and Widowers was officially formed in 2007. Before that, the work which is done within the department was under the Women and Children Department.

The Department focuses on supporting the most vulnerable groups of society. Orphans are supported in various ways, for example by paying school fees and providing basic school materials for secondary schools, vocational training centres or colleges. The children often live with their relatives who support them. For double orphans, additional basic care is provided, like food, clothes and basic hygiene products. In extreme cases, when no caretakers are found, we also provide accommodation for the orphans.

Unfortunately, there are still children who get abused in their homes, which is why we are in contact with the village elders in our region. When a child is abused by their parents or caretakers, we try to intervene, for example by brining it to the boarding school in Lutengano.

We also organise psychological support for vulnerable children and orphans, by brining them together with professionals from hospitals or the government.

The department also supports children, widows and widowers or caretakers when they have legal issues. The cases are reported to special NGO's who defend the rights of these vulnerable people in front of the court.

Another important aspect of our work is to support the caretakers economically. We organise seminars, where we teach them to start income generating projects, like keeping live stock, planting avocado trees or keeping bees. 

We also run our own income generating projects, which allows us to support more orphans and vulnerable children with our work. Among others, we have a chicken project, some avocado trees and a forest of around two acres. 

It is especially rewarding when we see that our support has lasting effects. In the past years, we have seen a lot of success stories. For example, children who were supported by our work have now finished university and get good jobs. They remember the support that they received from the department and are willing to give something back, by supporting the work for the vulnerable people financially. 

Main Goal

To support orphans and vulnerable children, widows and widowers in the area of the Southern Province of the Moravian Church, in order to allow them to live a self-determined and independent life.

  • To support OVC (Orphans and Vulnerable Children) by providing them with education for Secondary School, Vocational Training and University
  • To empower OVC by teaching them about Income Generating Activities
  • To provide social support for OVC by counselling them
  • To release the burden from caretakers
  • To advocate for the rights of OVC
  • To increase awareness in churches and society concerning the need of OVC
  • To enhance institutional and human capacity development in the OVC Department

Head of Department: Rev. Nikwisa Mwakamele


Moravian Church in Tanzania - South Province
Orphans, Vulnerable Children, Widows and Widowers Department
P.O. Box 32

Email:    nikukamele@yahoo.com
Phone:  +255 753 700985
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