Youth Department


In the beginning, this department was called “Youth and Sunday School Department”. The Sunday school was initiated by Robert Raikes with the aim of teaching poor children to read, to write and to learn the word of God.

In 1844, Mr. George William gathered youth in industries to teach them the word of God. He later named the organization of youth the “Young Men Christian Association” (YMCA). In 1861, Sister Emma Kinnard established a women’s association called the “Young Women Christian Association” (YWCA) with the purpose of singing, playing piano and house working. In 1875, these two associations joined to become one group. In 1959, the association entered Tanganyika and was called the “Young Christian Association” (YCA).

The Moravian Church accepted this association as its member in 1958 at the Synod of Msangano Mbozi. At that time, the head office was in Rungwe and the two provinces (Southern Province and South-West Province) were not yet divided. The association became the unit “Youth” under the Christian Education Department in 1976 with the birth of the Moravian Church in Tanzania South-West Province.


The Youth Unit is divided into two parts. The first group is called Youth A and covers young people between 13 and 25 years old. The second group is called Youth B and includes people from 26 to 45 years old and all married persons (regardless of age).

Goal I: to prepare young people to receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior to spread the gospel.

Goal II: to develop the roots of a spiritual life in the youth through worship and Bible studies (privately and in groups).

Goal III: to develop unity among youth in the Church of Unitas Fratrum and to cooperate with youth of other churches within and outside the country.

Goal IV: to encourage youth to be faithful, to teach them about Christian leadership, and to grow and develop Christianity in their lives.

Goal V: to encourage and allow youth to enjoy music, games and drama.

Goal VI: to have the right to sing worship as a group in the Church.

Goal VII: to help youth to be economically self-reliant.

Our Activities
  • Holding seminars for the youth on the district and province level
  • Youth groups at the congregation level, sometimes in combination with a choir
  • Youth camps
  • Encouraging young people to start income generating projects in agriculture or transportation and teaching them on how to manage them

Various  events of the youth department.
The reception of the youth representatives of the World Moravian Church who visited the Moravian Church of Tanzania Southern Province and received by the Youth Department of the Moravian Church of Tanzania Southern province on 12/08/2022.
 Head of Department Rev. Dastan Mwasomola


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