Christian Education Department

The department of Christian Education started with the birth of the Moravian Church in the South-West Highlands of Tanzania on the 17th of December 1976. Its aim was to teach students the word of God in order to receive salvation and to serve the Lord Jesus Christ in their lives. Since 2018, the department has been led by Rev. Daina Pwele Sengo.

The church values education, for the development of all human beings. Christian education is provided in families, congregations, schools and colleges to prepare children and youth to hear the call to serve the Lord Jesus Christ in their lives. Christian education is the foundation of life for a Christian.


To teach students the word of God, fostering their growth in salvation and accepting the Lord Jesus Christ into their lives.


  • To teach Christian education in families, congregations, primary schools, secondary schools, colleges and universities in the Province.
  • To prepare children, youth and parents to recognize and use their talents for the benefit of societies, organizations, churches and the nation. 
  • To motivate Christian students to become a part of the church community and the nation as productive, educated and successful members of society after completing their studies.
  • To build unity and cooperation of brotherhood in families, congregations, schools and colleges.

Secondary Schools

One of our objectives is to spread God’s word in secondary schools and colleges for youth ages 13 to 25 years old (Youth Education project).

The Youth Education project should represent a unity between Christian students and whatever congregation they come from. As Christian education is under the directorate of the Christian Council of Tanzania (CCT:, which edicts a common liturgy, shared by every church (Lutheran, Anglican, Moravian, Mennonite, Baptist, African Inland Church etc.), it is possible to praise the Lord together beyond congregations.

Seminars, workshops and Sunday services are organized to reach students. Topics such as “how to succeed in life”, “how to deal with everyday problems and society issues”, “the power of God” and “God’s healing” are discussed. We also join two big conferences reuniting Christian students. One conference is held at the regional level (Zonal Conference) and one at the national level (National Conference).

Head of Department - Rev. Daina Pwele Sengo

Moravian Church in Tanzania - South Province
Christian Education Department
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