Avocado Plantation

The Moravian Avocado Plantation is located at Rungwe mission at Ilolo Village, Kiwira ward, Rungwe District in the Mbeya Region in Tanzania. The Project that started 2010 covers 43.7 hectares with 26220 Avocado trees. The project provides work to 250 employees working in the field. For the year 2018, we harvested more than 175 tons of Avocado fruits.

We sell our fruits to KUZA Africa Company, which then exports the fruits to France. Additionally, we have local market where we sell the fruits in bags of 100kgs for 65,000-70,000Tsh.

As a religious organization we have decided to invest in Agriculture, specifically in Avocado production for the following purposes.

  1. Creating employment to the women and youths of this nation.
  2. Contributing the income to the church as organization supporting people spiritually, socially and economically
  3. Contributing the national income of the government by paying taxes 
  4. Environmental preservation by planting trees to decrease climate change as an impact of environmental 
  5. Contributing to the government to industrialization towards the middle economic country as a national policy emphasize.
  6. Expanding the idea to the community to plant avocado to out growers as another option of income generating activity.
  7. Improve diet and health of the community around Rungwe village by eating the nutritious avocado fruits.
  8. Improved infrastructure like mobile network, communication and roads. 

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